Silicone deck caulking

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Silicone deck caulking

Postby Chris » Sat Jan 18, 2014 12:06 am

I have been asked to name the silicone caulking product I mentioned in a reply to Martijn's teak deck topic. I have found it to be compatible and durable with HR decks.

The product is called Everbuild 450 silicone sealant and I puchased it from Amazon! Prices seem to vary with colour and quantity. I actually paid £2.50 per 310 cartridge. ... B001GU47I4

Only today I found the test decking I made up and took a screwdriver to it. I couldn't budge the seam.

It does shrink a little as it cures to start with but that's not uncommon with deck caulking.

Here's a very brief description of use.

I carried out the recaulking in warm weather with the seams dry and scrubbed out the groove thoroughly with acetone. DON'T ATTEMPT TO DO TOO MUCH IN ONE GO AS IT SKINS OVER IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES IN WARM WEATHER. A bit of practice to see how you want the seam to end up is a good idea. I masked either side of the groove and then, using blue gloves, smoothed down the seam with a finger. The trick is not to press too hard you want it a little proud. You get through quite few pairs of gloves and can waste a lot of sealant but at that price who cares.

As I said in my reply it has been down for two years nearly and showing no signs of come away from the grooves.

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