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Postby Elad » Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:33 pm

Dear forum members.

My yacht is registered in Israel, where according the law it is illegal to sail a boat singlehandedly.

The law states that apart of the Skipper, at least one crew member is required, and the crew member has to be at least 16 years old.
It is possible to have a special permit to sail singlehandedly, but only during daytime and NOT further than few milles from the shore.

My yacht is also insured by an Israely insurer, and as normal practice, I believe, the policy states that one must fulfill his Skipper's license restrictions, as well as the yacht's sailing permit. (i.e- not to exceed the maximum number of passengers etc')

I'm not a lawyer, but I assume, that if I'll will singlehand the yacht there is a reaosnable chance that my insurance would be void!

I'm nowadays sailing in the Med, currently in Cyprus and I would really like to be able to sail singlehandedly knowing I'm not expected to have an insurance odyysey in case something happens.

My questions to the forum's members are:
1. Where do you insure your yacht?
2. If I may ask what is the roughly the price?
3. Does it permit you to sail singlehanded?
4. Any other useful info would be appreciated.

I would like to draw the forum's attention and maybe especially you Antti, being the "life and soul" of this distinguish forum, that apart of a place of exchanging tips, we can also have a better "purchase power" by the fact we represent a potential purchase power of all the forum's members.

That can help us get good deals, especially for intangible services like insurance

OK, enough said, I hope somebody would take up the gauntlet (Antti :D )

Enjoyable weekend everyone!


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Re: Insurance?

Postby Dan » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:48 pm

Check "Pantaenius" insurance.

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Re: Insurance?

Postby Antti_DD » Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:43 am

Hi Elad, hopefully you get ideas from forum members about possible insurance companies and maybe also about their practices on situations when something happens.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you much since I don't have much experience on international insurance companies. Our boat is insured by a Finnish company, so I am afraid that their terms might be a bit different. For example, we don't have any requirements for Skipper's license, certificate etc. and there is no restrictions on singlehanded sailing either. The yearly insurance fee is at the moment about 200 € (with -60 % bonus) with 900 € deductible in case of a grounding for example.

In your case, I would also look for an insurance from a large international company such as Pantaenius, as Dan pointed out. Another large German insurance company is Yacht-Pool, which might also be worth checking.
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