Moved topic: Fore sail size

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Re: Moved topic: Fore sail size

Postby pnp » Tue May 27, 2014 9:13 am

To add to what Anti has mentioned, it seems that the most sophisticated piece of equipement from all compasses you mention is the AP compass so I would use that as a reference after verifying if its settings are set to show true or magnetic north. Then I would try to "synchronize" with the boats' compass assuming that it can be calibrated. Issues to think about in this process could include:

Have you or any previous owners calibrated the boats' magnetic compass to counter any magnetic deviation in the boat?
Could deviation have changed after the callibration was done say by other equipment being installed?
Has it maybe been calibrated to take into effect magnetic declanation?

Although it could be seen as a straightforward process, from my personal experience, calibration of the compass is best left to a specialist.

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Re: Moved topic: Fore sail size

Postby tomblix » Tue May 27, 2014 4:08 pm

Hi all

Sorry for a late reply, Anti. No I haven`t calibrated the AP/compass. The new EVO handleds that automatically.

I`ve made me a boom to spread out the genoa, and I saw Martijns photos. I wonder how long it is when fully extended? It`s dependent on the size of the foresail of course, but I`ve made mine up to a maximum of 4 m. How does that sound? I just finished it today so I haven't had a chance to test it yet. I was out on the fjord for a couple of hours today in 12 m/s. Sailed genoa only, and had to furl up 1/3. Did up to 6,5 knots anyway.
I have to say that I agree on the subject of balance. I think she's better balanced this year with the genoa than previously with the jib. The tiller force necessary is almost zero (or maybe I´ve just learned to balance her better…) Or maybe I don`t notice the tiller force since I now use the AP almost all the time. I get more and more satisfied with this :)
Best regards from Tom

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Re: Moved topic: Fore sail size

Postby Antti_DD » Tue May 27, 2014 8:33 pm

Hi Tom, I am quite pleased with the sailing performance with the genoa as an only sail. If there is just enough wind, sailing only with genoa will probably slow you down only about 0,3-0,5 knots compared to having both the main and the genoa hoisted. If you have a short leg, that difference doesn't matter at all.
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