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Re: Seaworthiness

Postby Tentation » Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:32 pm

The tube of pole I have on board is 3,75m long . When you add the length of the two jaws (11,5cm each) you have to handle something about 4m long.
Taking into consideration the distance between the forestay and the mast (3,80m) and because of the size of the furler drum, one have to lift the mast ring receiving one jaw as much as he can if he want to have the other jaw on the deck to engage the genoa sheet.
The other way to carry out this maneuver is to have the pole resting on the pulpit while engaging the sheet in the front jaw. A rather tricky maneuver on this restricted space, the jaw outside the deck area and the pole prone to slip down when the boat is rolling ;) . Once the pole is hoisted you have to lower the mast ring to have it somewhat parrallel to the deck.
In order to overcome this issue, I am considering reducing the tube length by 20cm.
Have you the same problem and if any, how do you deal with it ?.
What's your opinion about slightly reducing the pole length ?


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