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Re: disappointment

Postby wilvanlonden » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:11 am

Dan wrote:Hello forum,

My experience from weather/lee helm problems on RoAm is that they have there origin on where the center of effort (CE) is located on the total sail area.

It is easy to imagine that with only the main sail the CE is located somewhere behind the mast and should you hoist the genoa, the CE would move forwards.

If you have ever windsurfed you would be familiar with the fact that when you want to fall off you move the mast forward, (CE forward) and when you want to tack you move the mast backwards, (CE aft).

The same applies to sail boats. Ergo, if you experience severe weather helm it indicates that your CE might be to far back and that you should increase the fore sail area or reef the main. (You may also want to look at the angle of the mast and adjust, (remove), the toggle on the fore stay). Lee helm problems are off course the opposite of this.

Antti, a friendly caution after reading your comment. I too have a Windpilot and as you know it is far stronger that we humans. If the boat is experiencing severe helm problems and it is corrected by the Windpilot's brute force alone then I fear something is going to give. Either the tiller, transom or rudder. Faced with those scenarios I much prefer to adjust the CE for easy steering.

There are few things more pleasant than a well balanced boat effortlessly cutting its way through the ocean in strong winds.

I don't think it has to do with CE as it was only on reaching tracks not while going to windward.
Otherwise the very heavy tiller / wheaterhelm would have been noticable while going to windward which was not the case.
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