Spotted HR29...

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Re: Spotted HR29...

Postby Martijn » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:58 pm

Hi there Gonzalo,

You have really dedicated yourself spotting HR29's hey!! and you also spot a great versions as well. It's funny I simultaneously posted a picture of what seemed to be the very same HR29 in the Boat Dusseldorf topic. I thought this was the HR 29 racing version the HR yard claims to manufacture again which can only be order in April each year. Now looking closely at the pictures you've made I actually doubting this is a new build ship. I see a lot a features that indicate this is a HR29 from the previous (our) generation HR29's. If this is true then how was the extension created :?: For sure I like this version and wonder what HR is exactly offering at this moment. I'll try to find out at Boat Dusseldorf.

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Re: Spotted HR29...

Postby Antti_DD » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:28 am

Great photos again Gonzalo of a very interesting boat with pretty extensive modifications. I saw a photo of this 'Racing version' in HR's website earlier, as it was featured in their 2009 April Fool's Day prank claiming that they re-introduce this upgraded version of the boat :D

I think that both the bathing platform and cutter rig are great adds to this boat. However, especially the bathing platform changes the looks of the boat quite a bit, but it appears to be very well made, and I cannot tell a difference compared to the rest of the hull. As I look the side profile of the boat in one of your photos, I think that with the new transom the boat is perhaps looking even more balanced and streamlined than with the original transom. However, I would also be a bit wary to make too large changes to a classic design. Nevertheless, all those modifications appear to be made tastefully.
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Re: Spotted HR29...

Postby Naseimwind » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:56 am

Martijn wrote:Nice idea and I think it's fun but there are quite a few HR29's in my area and if I try to capture them all on camera then I need change my boat name into 'PapaRassy' :)
When sailing in 6 Bft during the end of the season on the 'IJsselmeer' in Holland not many boats went out and it seemed we were only joined by another HR29 from Germany. I spotted him from quite a distance so this is the best picture I could take, don't know the name nor the building number;

Hi Martijn, you spotted us: “Resolute”, #244, we were heading back from Texel to meet Friends in Andijk.
The Boat is stationed in the Ketelmeer. I have seen you too :)
This year we have been do wn at the Schelde. Next year will be waddenzee mostly.

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Re: Spotted HR29...

Postby Ralph » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi there,
I spotted one at the Acores Archipelagio Portugal this winter.
Unfortunately I couldn´t get closer to.
Best wishes Ralph
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Re: Spotted HR29...

Postby villalonso » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:00 pm

Hello everyone

I had not visited the forum for a while and I have taken the pleasant surprise of the beautiful photos that Nunui took from my boat the "villalonso" (construction number 43). I have been quite busy finding out the problem of the water supply in the bilge, coming from the cooling system of the engine, and that was due to the drilling of the heat exchanger housing between the fresh water of the motor circuit and the auxiliary circuit of sea water.

It was difficult to find the fault because only the loss of water appeared when sailing powered by the engine, the leak was in the area of the elbow of the exhaust pipe.

I will also include this comment in the section on maintenance and refit.

best regards


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