Deck after 15 years on land

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Deck after 15 years on land

Postby Jesso » Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:16 pm


And thank you for putting up this forum.

Does anyone have a clue about the condition of the deck on a HR 29, after 15 years on land without any cover what so ever. The boat has a teak deck and been standing on land in Sweden. I guess nothing has been done to it. The teak is not in a very bad condition, but I can see inside that there are some leaks from bolts etc. What Im mostly concerned about is the divinycell if there is/has been water inside the deck, facing years of winter and ice. There are many liters of water in the bildge, but that can be due to leaks in the cockpit.

Also what can the status be of the motor and the 120S? The motor had a big service three years ago.

Seems like a good boat but due to 15 years without any tlc there might be issues.



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