H-R blue

Have you contacted Hallberg-Rassy yard for some maintenance issue etc. You can post the question and answer here to help the other members and to add to the forum's knowledge database.
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H-R blue

Postby Merenkuiske » Thu May 22, 2014 10:00 am

I asked for the colour code of the blue stripes. They sent me an answer
they had earlier sent to a 352 owner:

Hi Irvine

1. Blue stripe around the cockpit: Epifanes 29. Highgloss 1-komp.
paint. 395 SEK. incl. VAT. Shipping cost will be added. Many of our customer
have used this for the wide hull stripe as well. It won´t of course last as
long as a 2-komp. colour. There is a Hallberg-Rassy Blue blue 2 komp.
Epifanes 2031-29 in shops in Finland, we do not sell that.
2. Blue waterline and the wide hull stripe was originally painted with
a 2-komp. paint named International that is since many years no longer
available. The old mix for this colour is: 30% Dark blue code, 018
70% Middle blue code, 104. Also International 708 nr: 1015 was used.
3. From 1986/87 the wide hull stripe was added in to gelcoat.
4. On todays boats the wide hull stripe is gelcoat and the RAL code is,
5. On todays boats the waterline is a 2 komp. paint called Deijssel,
price 1 liter, 656 SEK. incl. VAT. Shipping cost will be added. Some of our
customer has used this to the wide blue stripe as well.
6. We sell a small gelcoat repair kit for the deck/hull,
Price, 275 SEK. incl. VAT. Shipping cost will be added.

The blue colours is usually refered as Hallberg-Rassy Blue

I hope this will help you on the way.


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Re: H-R blue

Postby Antti_DD » Mon May 26, 2014 8:37 pm

Hi Jarmo, thanks for sharing this valuable info!
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