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Re: Hull bottom renovation project

Postby Eliza-Lotta » Mon May 06, 2019 8:46 pm

Hi, captains of all kinds!
Our club measured all our boats for toxic colors in spring 2018, and now many are scraping. I had only traces on the rudder BB side, nowhere else, but decided to "do it anyway" (for my first time ever) now in april-may 2019.
Renting a Gelplane Proscrape (really good!) with vacuum-suction, I managed to dry-scrape the outer dry, hard (blue) paint in two days. For the inner (red) sticky (epoxy?)paint, I needed remove gel (under plastic over night), which then was dry scrapable again, took another 6 days, until almost shining gelcoat. The rudder needed 3 times remove gel for varying layers of epoxy and plastic padding, but now also is down to gelcoat.
My arms don't manage the rotating machines, but I did it!! And I'm happy to have transformed my spotted ugly duck into a white swan! Amazing how good quality it is, after 31 years!
I also see dots of glass fibre on the sides of the keel, but it isn't holes. The glass fibre is also naked on some spots and corners of the keel and rudder. And the plastic on the upper rudder hinge(?) is partially gone. I realize that I have to fill in these before the Hempel Light Primer can be put on. Does anyone have a suggestion which paste gives the better result?, please tell me.
Into water?... Probably in June. Ongoing work at Eliza, with best regards, from captain Lotta


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