cooling system trouble

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cooling system trouble

Postby villalonso » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:17 pm

Hello everyone

I have been quite busy finding out the problem of the water supply in the bilge, coming from the cooling system of the engine, and that was due to the drilling of the heat exchanger housing between the fresh water of the motor circuit and the auxiliary circuit of sea water.

It was difficult to find the fault because only the loss of water appeared when sailing powered by the engine, the leak was in the area of the elbow of the exhaust pipe.

The origin of the fault seems to be due to the fact that a sacrificial anode has been installed near the elbow of the exhaust pipe, which has caused galvanic corrosion in the heat exchanger casing due to being different metals and being in contact with sea water at 65 degrees Celsius.
elbow of the exhaust pipe
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