Wilcox Crittenden Headmate toliet

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Wilcox Crittenden Headmate toliet

Postby paerfredrik » Mon May 21, 2018 10:08 am

Hi, fellow HR29 owners. I have a 1987 HR29 with a marine toliet from a company called Wilcox Crittenden. The company does not exist anymore but the toilet "Headmate" is still almost working fine except for a small leak (one drop every minute) in a lid/cover on the pump. I guess many of us (perhaps all?) have this toilet in the yacht (if not replaced).

Does anyone have the pump lid/cover, a spare pump or an old toilet the I can salvage parts from?

The particular part I am looking for is the lid/cover on te pump that is attached with 6 screws.

I am also interested in the waste arm that connects the pump with the porcelain bowl.

I have already tested to use two component epoxy with presanded surfaces. I consider buying a new toilet but I would prefer to find this part first, if possible.

I have found stores in the US and Caribbean that sell the full pump assembly but the price of the pump plus shipping is equally expensive to a complete new toilet from e.g. Jabsco.

Best regards Pär Fredrik

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Re: Wilcox Crittenden Headmate toliet

Postby Peti » Fri May 25, 2018 2:59 pm

Hi Fredrik,
I have the same problems so that I replace the old Headmate with a new Rheinstrom Y2.
It is a great toilet. All Parts are made of brass or stainless Steel and it works absolutly perfect.

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