Aaland Islands Navigation

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Aaland Islands Navigation

Postby Lille Hanna » Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:02 am

Dear Antti,
we are planning to sail to the Swedisch East Cost next summer and are thinking about visiting the Aaland Archipelago for a week or so. Do you have some recommendations about Literature regarding trip planning and Navigation for the Aaland Archipelago?
We will probably sail in via Mariehamm. What would be the nicest places to visit if you have just one week time early June within a relaxed trip?

Best Regards

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Re: Aaland Islands Navigation

Postby Antti_DD » Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:45 pm

Hi Jörn,

Sorry that it took a while to answer your question. Åland is perhaps my favourite cruising areas in the Baltics, so I do my best to answer your question.

There is a new harbour book from Åland, which can be purchased from Mariehamn and maybe also from other larger guest harbours. The book is available in Swedish and Finnish, but I am not sure about the other languages. Here is the book's website: http://www.hamnguiden.ax/

About the route suggestions: one option (my n:o 1 choice) would be rounding the main Åland island. The northern side of Åland is mostly wilderness, and you are unlikely to see too many other boats in June there. The downsize is that there are not many good guest harbours and the route is partly unsheltered towards north. About the harbours, I would suggest Eckerö (Käringsund) in the western side and HavsVidden in the north as a stopping points. There is also a nice wild anchorage called Djupviken, which is very sheltered in anything but strong northerlies.

Here are some links to my blog, where you'll find more info about the harbours:
-HavsVidden: http://www.sydolphindance.com/2014/08/h ... uzzis.html
-Djupviken: http://www.sydolphindance.com/2012/07/d ... thern.html
-Eckerö (and crossing Åland Sea from Fejan): http://www.sydolphindance.com/2012/07/f ... d-sea.html

My second route option would be to take a course towards Kökar, which is a larger island southeast from Mariehamn. There are three guest harbours, but my favourite of those is Sandvik. Also Rödhamn south of Mariehamn is also a nice place and has a good location, especially before/after crossing the Åland sea.
-Sandvik (Kökar): http://www.sydolphindance.com/2014/07/k ... ndvik.html
-Rödhamn (and crossing): http://www.sydolphindance.com/2013/07/b ... aland.html

Early June is still a pre-season in Åland, so you might often be the only boat in the harbour.

Hope that this helps,
Antti Laine, Forum Administrator
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Re: Aaland Islands Navigation

Postby Lille Hanna » Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:30 pm

Hi Antti,
thanks again for your hints and tips. We will definitely make use of this!

Best Regards

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