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Postby Sirius » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:39 pm

For those interested in flying a gennaker/Assymetric without having to fit a bowsprit, look at the ATN Tacker. Basically a U shaped cup that fits around the furled foresail and allows you to adjust the tack line. Haven't bought one yet but one of the top rated sailmakers in UK ( Sanders) recommended it. Google ATN Tacker and you should find pictures and details. Looks good to me.

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Re: Gennaker/Assymetric

Postby Sirius » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:27 pm

An update. I have been using a Cruising Chute with ATN sock/snuffer this season. It works well. I run the tack line through the bow roller and up to the tacker. The other end is secured to a cleat. This keeps the line clear of the pulpit and the tack can be easily lowered/raised. I also put in a new sheave box in the mast above the genny halyard. This gave clearance for the snuffer sock. I run the sheet back to the stern pushpit and use a slip ring instead of a turning block and then use the genny winch.

Disadvantages: have to furl the genny before launching the CC; difficult to gybe, but mainly because you are pulling 50 sq m of sail around the forestay. Easier to snuff and reset. Limited sailing angle (as with all CC) sails best at about 45 - 120 deg apparent.

Advantages: easy to handle when short crewed; helps light wind sailing, and really pulls in stronger winds. I bring mine down at about 17 kn apparent. Easy to snuff; blow the tack then put it in the sock, drop on deck and you then have plenty of time to stow.

It is still possible to get it wrong! As for all spinnakers the key is the set up. With the tacker its essential to ensure the control line is clear.

Good sailing

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