ook on his upper arm from Jakub Voracek as th

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ook on his upper arm from Jakub Voracek as th

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The Chicago Blackhawks have agreed to terms with forward Brandon Bollig on a three-year contract extension. Patriots Jerseys 2020 . TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun reports that the deal has an average annual value of $1.25 million per season. Bollig tweeted, "Beyond excited to remain a Blackhawk for the next three years. Thank you all for the support." The 27-year-old is earning $575,000 this season in the second and final year of his current deal, and had been eligible to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. "We take a great amount of pride in having watched Brandon come up through our system and become a big part of our lineup on a daily basis", said Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman in a statement. "We are pleased to be able to come to this agreement with him, ensuring that he will remain a part of our organization. We look forward to seeing his continued development with the Blackhawks." Bollig has six goals and six assists in 62 games this season for the Blackhawks. He was part of Chicagos Stanley Cup-winning squad from last season. Wholesale Patriots Jerseys . Old times for a defence that has looked just plain old recently? "No," safety Ryan Clark said. "We used to be much better than that. Patriots Jerseys 2019 . Sundays game against the Colorado Rapids at B.C. Place Stadium has important implications in determining Major League Soccers playoff picture and will also mark the final game in the career of veteran South Korean defender Young-Pyo Lee. https://www.patriotsjerseysale.com/ . - Benched Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman said he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and voluntarily entered the NFL substance abuse program more than a year ago after mistakenly taking a medication to treat the condition.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn.ca. Kerry, how does P.K. Subban get called for embellishment when he he gets speared in his delicates? Most guys flinch when they see someone getting hit there when they see it on TV! To actually have someone make contact and not expect an obvious type of reaction is ridiculous. Embellishment in this case should be viewed through a different lens in my opinion, what about yours? Greg Pavelich Greg: My lens is very clear on this play having been struck in the same location multiple times with varying degrees of applied force. Newtons third law of motion states that for every action there is supposed to be an equal and opposite reaction. While Newton wasnt a referee I believe he, like me, would firmly believe that the reaction by P.K. Subban was not equal to the opposite force and exact location exerted by Brad Marchands stick! The referee correctly determined that P.K.s overreaction violated rule 64 and therefore had little alternative but to impose a minor penalty for embellishment. There is no question that a reaction of some degree will occur when a player is contacted in this sensitive area of his anatomy. In no way am I questioning P.K.s manhood. He is a tremendous talent and I love his passion for the game and all that he brings every night. There arent many better point men on the power play. He wants to win as much as any player I ever saw and will take a game on his back as we saw in the Habs playoff run last year. This player will do whatever he deems necessary to achieve this objective; even if that means attempting to draw a penalty. Brad Marchand clearly deserved this obvious penalty. P.K. also wanted to make sure the call was made and did his best to sell it. That is the definition of embellishment. Take a close look and you will see that Marchands stick was strategically placed with a downward motion between Subbans legs and across the top of his inner thigh. A lift of the stick resulted in a Howdy-Do as opposed to a jab or spear that would warrant the kind of reeaction demonstrated by the Montreal player on this play. New England Patriots Shirts. . Before you cry foul, I said at the outset that I have been struck in this sensitive area on multiple occasions. The most painful incident occurred in the Philadelphia Spectrum when Ritchie Dunn intercepted a clearing pass and blasted a slap shot back into the Flyers zone as I was skating directly toward him; a mere fifteen feet away. The shot drove me backwards and shattered my protective cup. I thank my lucky stars for that cup but while the shot knocked me down I can assure you my reaction was less demonstrative than what I saw from P.K. in last nights incident. I even joked with Dunn after everything went back to its original place that I was happy it was him that shot the puck and not a player that could really wire it. There is a much bigger picture here, Greg. Players establish a reputation with the officials that sometimes can be hard to live down or change. I was at the Habs game in Philadelphia this past Saturday night. In that game, P.K. received a hook on his upper arm from Jakub Voracek as the two players skated behind the goal defended by Carey Price. Subban did not have the puck and the touch by Voracek resulted in a spin and fall to the ice with some theatrical flair. Voracek was called for hooking but no diving/embellishment penalty was assessed on the play. I believe the referee felt duped and likely caught a glimpse of the replay on the score clock. A minute later Subban was whistled for clamping his arm down on the stick of Pierre-Edouard Bellemare. While it was a legitimate holding of the stick penalty the ref pulled the trigger very quickly on the play; the gun was cocked and loaded! There is an emphasis to curb the embellishment that embarrassed the game last season and particularly throughout the playoffs. Players that have been identified as habitual offenders must work hard at staying on their skates whenever possible to change a reputation they have established; be it real or perceived. The referees will be less tolerant than they have in the past of players that they think are trying to embarrass them and the game. ' ' '

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