Teak locker lid in cocpit

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Teak locker lid in cocpit

Postby Frodo » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:54 am


Just took over my HR 29 this fall and most of the boat is in pretty good shape, exept from the teak lockers in the cocpit. They seem to be the originals with nice teak on top and on the sides. To make them stiff there has been used plywood inside which now is sucking water and is about to fall apart several places.

3 lockers have no hatch under, and lockers have a hatch with storage under. The 3 lockers with no hatch are not critical as the water finds it way in the end, but the 3 others have water dripping through and into the boat. Before i start fixing them i would like to ask the forum if anyone have experiences with repairing these lockers to share. My intention is to keep the original teak.

My thoughts have been sviveling around making something of glassfibre under the teak - or remove the plywood and make the lockers stiffer + use waterproofing liquids (not preferred solution).
Note: At the picture the teak looks fine - and it is - but the plywood under is soaked in water, dries slowly and leaks.

Any thoughts or advise highly appreciated!

Thank you,
Best Frode
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Re: Teak locker lid in cocpit

Postby Mallemuk » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:05 pm

Hi Frodo
I can see your problem and I understand your idea of using the old teak and renewing the base layer of plywood. I have no obvious solution to this but
have you considered making new lockers of new plywood and teak?
I did that on my old boat - a Danish build Drabant 27 and I wasn't' too difficult or expensive.The result was fine. As a base I used a good quality marine plywood cut to the right size. Then I got hold of some teak and sawed and planed it to the right measurements. The teak was glued with Sikaflex and the underside of the marine plywood was given several layers of varnish. The most difficult part was the fitting the skirting boards around on the lids. I had to use screws to keep them in place - together with Sikaflex as a glue.
Between the teak boards I used Sikaflex 290 DC.

Good luck!

Kind Regards,

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Re: Teak locker lid in cocpit

Postby Frodo » Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:41 pm

Thanks for your reply John!

To minimize work with the lids this first season, I will remove some of the old sika between the teak, renew it and hope it will hold the water back. Varnish is a good idea to keep the lid waterproof on the inside - i will test with one of the lids :-) ! I think i will await making new lids as the teak is in good condition.


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Re: Teak locker lid in cocpit

Postby Manel » Sun May 24, 2020 5:32 am

Hola Frodo. En mi anterior HR 29 tambien tuve el mismo problema. Si las tiras de teca estan en buen estado y son recuperables, yo desmontaria primero una tapa y con cuidado tambien las tiras de teca fijadas al contrachapado. Recorta el nuevo y vuelve a fijarlas . Para ello utilice adhesivo de poliuretano para madera. Una vez hacho esto, selle las ranuras con Sikaflex 291. Suerte en el brico.

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